Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Navy or The base?

When you get married to a military man, the government should issue you a book, telling you all about the military and how they can and will screw you. Since we have been at this base nothing has seemed to gone right.

My husband was supposed to be an E3 by the time he got to his first duty station and yet the recuter never filled out his paper work saying that my husband had done his dep in program. So we had to survive with an E1 pay...just to enlighten you, its not enough pay, to pay a monthly credit line, car bills and support a growing family of a spouse and a newborn.

If that wasn't enough, about 6months after moving here, they all of a sudden were undermanned and I never saw my husband.

Things seemed to be finally going right, I got involved in compass. My husband finally made that E3 pay, and I was finally embracing my surroundings. Then we got orders to Sigonella, Sicily. Life couldn't be better. Well, when it came time to get our hard copy orders, we didn't. We were supposed to be leaving in September of '09, and people were getting their hard copies to leave in Dec. or '09.

Something just didn't seem right. What does my husband do? Goes online to bloopers and finds out that he had been extended at this base for 11months. So after crying, and wallowing in myself pity, we find out were still going, we just have to wait.

We weren't the only ones getting extended, people who had their hard copies, had already bought tickets home, sold cars and started the move they got extended. I for once became grateful that we hadn't received out hard copies.

Now that we are 6months out, we haven't received our hard copies. Hummm, i know right, your thinking the samething too right? So I talked to one of the people that is supposed to be going with us. They did the smart thing and called the detailer, and found out that their orders got cancelled. Know what? No one told them, instead they were being told by the Cheif that they were still going. Just like us.

And the waiting game starts. My husband has been working sunrise to sunset since we found out this fantastic news, so he doesn't have time to make phone calls and check things out. I'm comfterable enough that we are far enough out that we could repick orders, incase the worst happened, but fingures still crossed in hopes that we will be going to Sicily. Only been hoping on this move for over a year now.

When i complain to other Navy spouses about the situation, i get told that its not the Navy its the base. We'll i'm hoping so, i don't want to look back on my navy life expierance and have more negative than possitive. But I guess, we will expect the worse and hope for the best!

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  1. I sure feel for you, girl. Again, I am so proud of you for making the best of the situation. That's what makes a great Navy Wife! You know it's not your husband's fault and that's the biggest thing. I used to get mad my husband for not "fixing" things...until I finally realized it surely wasn't him. Hang in there and keep making things positive!!