Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boys/Balls Girls/Dolls

So lets recap how I came up with this thought of mine. I was trying to think of a post for tonight, I'm not going to neglect this blog like i do the others. Then my amazing hyped up child comes out of his room with two balls, yelling "BALLS!" And I thought how its amazing how from day one we are genetically programed to do certain things and play with certain toys.

Boys start off with balls and their cars. Then soon they move on to destroying their daddy's tool box.

Girls start off with the dolls, they take care of them, comb their hair, feed them and now you can even change a doll like it wet its diapers. Then they are soon off to copying their mommy and cleaning, and pretending to cook.

Now the scientists say that we are genetically programed like that because it is to practice for the future. The boys grow up take the cars to work, and work on things with their tools to fix stuff. They become the go getters. The girls are the homemakers, they take care of everyone and the house. Now the thing that gets me is, WHAT DOES BALLS HAVE TO DO WITH IT?

From day one boys are so into balls. I swear my son has every ball out there, a big bucket full of balls, and every time we go out we have to buy more. Then I've notice just like every male out there, he seems to be fascinated of his own pair.

So if someone could answer me this what is up with men and balls? I really don't understand it, they really don't need them for their future....well ya for baby making but you know what I'm saying.

Its just like guys and boobs! Whats so great about them?

Please someone enlighten me, could you?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Letter to Me

Hello first let me introduce myself in case you haven’t read my other blogs. I am Bonita. I am a little bit weird and strong minded. My train of thought can jump in a matter of seconds and it seems to drive my husband nuts but he knows that’s who he married and he loves who I am.

Tonight my train of thought has lead me to Brad Paisley’s song “Letter to me,” really makes you wonder if you could write a letter to yourself at 17, how would you write it? How would you prove that it’s really you?

You could answer this by a simple comment or just do this at home. I promise this will be fun.

Me at 17

My letter to me:


I know it may seem crazy but it’s you from the future. To prove it, in the mint container in your center counsel of your car are cigarettes hidden. That’s really the only thing that I could think of that you are hiding from your family.

Isn’t the feeling of being in love amazing? Its real this time, he’s defiantly the one, the gig where he got down on one knee on your birthday was real, he meant it all. Don’t be shy to tell your friends you should be proud to have such love. And when you find out that he did the same to another girl, remember that first of all, the ring came from k-mart, yours from kay jewelers, and second she wasn’t having sex with him the poor boy just wanted some. He thought it would work but it didn’t. So try not to blow up on him when you find that out.

You two still have yet to battle out some of the toughest fights but remember to not fight him, but fight for/with him. You two are a team and always will be.

Signing up for Sno-isle was one of the best things you could have done, it got you an insight to what you wanted to spend the rest of your life doing. And please don’t lose sight of it when you do end up married, pregnant and a military spouse before you graduate from high school. That baby is well worth the sacrifice.

I know it’s hard to see that right now your only been with him for 7months, but you will be with him for 2years then you get married. Your wedding day you look so great but stay away from any alcohol, like you will do anyways. You got a bun in the oven and didn’t even know it. Trust me you don’t find out till he’s in boot camp and although it’s the hardest letter to write him it’s the best news he could read, becoming a daddy.

You do the whole pregnancy without him but you got great family by your side and nice home cooked meals from your mom. Yes I said your mom. She comes back into your life sometime in the end of May 2007. You end up living with her; it’s a great way to get to know her again.

When you do go to give birth to your baby boy, remember you’re not alone. Although you don’t have your husband there your mom is right beside you. And 4 days later brush your damn hair like she says too because your husband is coming through that door to see you, she’s not just crazy.

You’ll get to see the world like you never thought you would. I know your thinking right now; good I can’t wait to get out of this little hick town. Truth is you’ll never miss it more; home will always be on your mind till he’s out of the navy.
I know that seems so far from now, but it does happen in a blink of an eye. You’ll miss being young in high school but you’ll be so grateful for what you have. Always remember god does things for a reason, and I promise everything turns out fine.

Yours truly,